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How To Build Patient Personas For Your Practice

How to Build Patient Personas for Your Practice

  In our last post, we shared with you the importance of implementing Patient Personas to your healthcare practice marketing strategy. Patient Personas separate your current patient population into different silos, and allow you to better-target the prospective patients with whom you would like to grow your practice. These fictional…

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What Is A Patient Persona, And How Can It Help Me?

What is a Patient Persona, and How can it Help Me?

  Patient acquisition today calls for targeted practice marketing, and targeted practice marketing requires a complete understanding of your current patients, those you want to attract more of, and the unique selling proposition of your practice. Without an understanding of these components, your efforts will lack direction, waste time and money, and…

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You’re Mobile. Your Patients Are. Why Isn’t Your Website?

You’re Mobile. Your Patients Are. Why Isn’t Your Website?

Most internet traffic is mobile and a lot of mobile traffic is healthcare related - up to 80% of all internet users are searching for healthcare information. If you're wondering if you really need a mobile website for your medical practice, keep these important facts in mind about your patient's mobile…

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Anatomy Of An Effective Medical Practice Website

Anatomy of an Effective Medical Practice Website

We're way past advising that every medical practice needs a website. (Even though one in four doctors STILL DO NOT HAVE a website. Really docs? C'mon...) Today, the challenge is putting up a website for your medical practice that actually contribute to your bottom line. Most medical practices are still held…

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How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Medical Practice

How to choose a domain name for your medical practice

Are you a student or fellow? Maybe you’re just graduating and starting your practice? Heck, you could even be starting out on your own or finally deciding to get online and take control of your online presence. In any case, a domain name for your website is a critical first…

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4 Reasons Mobile Phone Use Matters For Your Medical Practice

4 Reasons Mobile Phone Use Matters for Your Medical Practice

Since you're reading this blog, you probably have an active interest in effectively marketing your medical practice. So you may already know some of the important facts about your patients' mobile phone/tablet use: that mobile web traffic overtook desktop/laptop traffic in 2014, that consumers spend nearly three hours each day…

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Patience With Patients: Help Patients Easily Find Your Phone Number

Patience with Patients: Help Patients Easily Find Your Phone Number

This is the third part in our series about phone systems for doctors offices. Click here to read Part I, Part II, and Part IV.

In this post I’m going to identify ways that patients can easily find your phone number.

By listing different DIDs (phone numbers) based on what content page the patient is clicking, your website can be coordinated with your phone system selection.

A DID or Direct Inward Dial is a dedicated telephone number that allows your surgeons and doctors to receive calls directly via their phone extension.

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